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UFO OVNI ETS · Aliens Declare War on Terrorists! (But only if we ‘officially’ accept their existence)

Aliens Declare War on Terrorists! (But only if we ‘officially’ accept their existence)

Could we soon be looking for help off Alien beings!
Could we soon be looking for help off Alien beings!
As we here at UIP keep highlighting, after many conversations with people researching UFO’s and Alien contact it is becoming very clear that these are exciting times and we are definitely being built up to some kind of significant event, that nobody can deny! The media/Governments are drip feeding us with information pretty much on a week to week basis now, but most importantly the pure amount of sightings has dramatically increased over the years, of which the quality of footage has dramatically improved too thanks to HD quality cameras.
Many of us in the UFO arena are pushing as hard as we can for the truth and we now even have the Citizen Hearing Petition which has been put together by Stephen Bassett and his team ( to demand the US Government to come out with the truth about the UFO’s in the sky, something many of are pushing for!
An upcoming war between the Aliens and the worlds Terrorists?
An upcoming war between the Aliens and the worlds Terrorists?
This planet is in a mess and for one reason only, the Human Race! We are the only species destroying planet earth.  The ET’s are clearly watching us daily and can be seen at many mass global protests and significant events throughout the world, but at this moment in time watching is all they can do! There must be a reason why the ET’s don’t just land their crafts and ‘officially’ say ‘Hi’ to the world and this reason is probably very similar to the butterfly effect of travelling back in time and changing things! The Alien beings are clearly rather intelligent life forms what with having the knowledge of being able to travel between the stars, and they are going to know that by officially stating their existence to the world, this on the flip side is going to potentially turn some elements of the human race into a particularly volatile/aggressive beast! Not saying that all elements of religion will respond in the wrong way to the knowledge of life beyond the stars, but it’s clear to see that in the world today there are groups who have idealistic views of their religion/cause, which will never deem Alien life as acceptable.  These types of people can be deemed as Terrorists, and the ET’s are going be very aware of these particularly ‘aggressive’ types of human beings!
Planet Earth needs help.
Planet Earth needs help.
Many people have said to us here at UIP “so if the Aliens are here then why don’t they remove all those that are killing and causing carnage round the world?” (be it terrorists or Governments).  The reason for this is simple… can beings that are clearly here, but only accepted by a certain percentage of this world, suddenly start attacking and removing Terrorists such as the Vile Islamic state, Al Qaeda etc etc ?! The simple fact is they can’t, even though they probably could very easily! Any attack on mankind whether for the right or wrong reason will be seen as an attack on mankind full stop and something that ISIS etc would use to their advantage and probably not accept into their ideology!
Is time for help from beyond the stars!?
Is time for help from beyond the stars!?
HOWEVER, if we the human race unite and accept officially that we are not alone and that the ET’s are here and want to have interactions with the human race (as long as it’s the ‘Good’ ET’s we first come up against!) I’m pretty sure after researching this area for many years, the ET’s are willing to help us become free again and to help save us from the self-destruction of the human race/Planet Earth! If they are here to save Planet Earth and to help save ‘us’ from ourselves, those that stand against this and insist on murdering people, creating carnage and destroying this beautiful planet, will suddenly become enemies of not just the ‘free world’ that do not want these types of humans to exist, but will also become an enemy of the ET’s and will be deemed as a cancerous ‘disease’ of the human race, one that will need removing……certain Governments may be deemed in this way too if they carry on with their war mongering ways and abuses to Human/Animal rights round the world!
We have all seen the news recently covering the mass protests in France, against the horrific killing spree in Paris which left over a dozen people dead and many injured! The ET’s will be watching all of this unfold and hopefully impressed with how mankind can actually unite together, when threatened by those trying to divide us and murder us….they will also be extremely unimpressed with those that have created the destruction on this planet, and I’m sure they will already have plans in mind for the likes of Islamic State and other groups/Governments who do NOT have our best interest at hearts!
It’s time to become free, to unite and embrace the ET’s who ‘have’ our best interests at heart!
It's time for the Human Race to be freed.
It’s time for the Human Race to be freed
These are exciting times, yet we the Human Race need help, urgent help before things are pushed too far! Please make a step in the right direction by support the Citizen Hearings causes.  It’s time for Unity and acceptance from the Human Race!

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UFO OVNI ETS ·NASA announces space portals do exist

Science does eventually catch up with mysticism and spirituality as NASA announces that space portals do exist. Crack researchers at NASA have decided they can prove that portals – doorways in the space time continuum - do in fact...

UFO OVNI ETS ·-Alien Message to us ALL ~ “Do You Wish That We Show Up?”

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UFO OVNI ETS · Alien High Priest Found In Mona Lisa - Da Vinci’s Secret Alien Codes

There are many who believe that Leonardo Da Vinci hid secrets and codes in his artwork and writings. And there are many who believe he had some sort of connection with aliens.

Did Da Vinci secretly hide an alien face in his famous ‘Mona Lisa’?  

The Mona Lisa.

It is only a portrait and yet it seems to have dimensions and mysteries that have yet to be explained. It is a different kind of a portrait, but something that we you look at, mysteriously takes you away between the details and the colors.

It is known that Leonardo used techniques in his paintings, using the mirror to see different dimensions and aspects. So is it possible that Leonardo applied his mirror technique to hide secret messages in the Mona Lisa?

If this is true then it’s reasonable to assume that the Mona Lisa was in fact painted in order to conceal important historical and religious facts possibly regarding the extraterrestrial presence and its surreptitious involvement within the Roman Catholic Church.

And it is not the first time hidden messages/images were discovered
in Da Vinci’s work also 'The last supper' contains hidden images. See our article: Hidden Image Exposed in Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" Painting

What most people know about Leonardo, is that between 1476 to 1478 there is a “gap” in his life. What happened to him during this period and why did he vanish? How could someone like him go somewhere and that there be no written evidence.

Some believe that during his time away, he received tutoring from beings not of this earth. What we know for certain is that when Leonardo reappeared in Florence in 1478, his creative output reached a whole new level, going beyond art and extending to a number of other disciplines. More information about Da Vinci's secrets and strange images Read more here.

Another mysterious painting is the ‘Vitruvian Man’.

To this very day, the artist’s portrayal of the human form has been considered to hold a hidden mathematical code as well as the already deciphered Fibonacci ratio (more commonly known as… the Golden Mean).

Is the Vitruvian Man a human blueprint code part of a cosmic message?

A human blueprint painted as and into an unusual elongated Pentagon and maybe it’s coincidence but then why is this very specific geometry also encrypted into Stonehenge, Giza and the most awe inspiring place of all… engineered into a five-sided man made mountain on Mars?

A hidden message that the human form is not entirely a creature evolved by chance through natural selection, but there has to be is a design code that life conforms to… a life force originating from the central nucleus of the universe and perhaps it claimed evidence of the place of human origins.

We may wonder whether all of Da Vinci’s inventions were his ‘inventions’ or reproductions of what he had privileged to bare witness to… Records of the hi-tech technology once used by those who visited… from another world? More information about the Vitruvian Man 

Below two videos of the supposed alien face hidden in the Mona Lisa painting.

UFO OVNI ETS ·The Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact

The reality of extraterrestrial contact with human civilization is becoming more clear by the month as streams of information about the extraterrestrial presence and past influence hits. While some of us still have our doubts about ET contact, many are starting to realize the truth that has been talked about for centuries. One big story involves the Mexican government who has released documents and images of objects found on the site of Calakmul, Mexico which help prove the reality of ET contact.

The reality of extraterrestrial contact with human civilization is becoming more clear by the month as streams of information about the extraterrestrial presence...

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UFO OVNI ETS · Photos capture strange 'fleet' of 14 UFOs - can you tell what they are?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Karl Jennings claims the objects cruised around the sky, flipping on their 'backs'

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